What happens when you die in Runescape 2007

Runescape 2007 has a harsh death penalty that removes items from players depending on how they died. It’s possible to loot items dropped by a player.

The death penalty is one of the reasons why Runescape 2007 is considered a hardcore MMORPG. Players die when they reach 0 hit points. As a penalty for dying, players will lose some of their items or even all of them. It depends on how player death has occurred. Players that die in a mini game might not lose any item. Players that die while performing any other activity than a mini game get to keep only three of their most valuable possessions. The value is calculated based on auction house prices. Items that cannot be traded will not be lost. PvP death is very harsh. Players lose all items if they happen to engage in PvP a player in the Wilderness. The same happens for players who are entering the Abyss. Players can secure one extra item by using the protect item prayer. Some of the items that cannot be traded will not be lost but broken. There are a few ways to repair broken items.

Lumbridge is the default respawn location for all players. It’s possible to set another respawn point if some requirements are met. Falador can be chosen as respawn point by players who completed the quest called Recruitment Drive. Camelot becomes a respawn point for those who completed King’s Ransom and Knight Waves Training Grounds quests. Players who are willing to pay 5 million coins will find themselves resurrected in Edgeville. Lost items can be retrieved within an hour from the moment of death. Lost items can also be looted by other players. Items lost by a player who died on a PvP server, in the Wilderness or was killed by another player, can initially be looted by the player who inflicted the most damage. After one minute, other players can loot those items as well. If the items were not looted within two minutes they will disappear. This happens in the case of player killing.

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