Improve NBA Live Mobile Experience is one of the most comprehensive NBA Live Mobile related databases. Although it has the same name as the game it is a fan website that has no affiliation with Electronic Arts. This website contains basketball players lists sorted by various filters. NBA Live Mobile users can browse in game players by position, attributes, lineup and team. The website also lists all programs and players. A quick tutorial on how to perform some special moves is also available. Another helpful information that can be found on the website is the live events schedule. is part of the Curse family of gaming related resources. Curse provides guides, addons, databases and other resources for many popular games like Hearthstone, Minecraft, Diablo 3, World or Warcraft and such. is a website with three main components: database, forums and packs. The database section contains all NBA Live Mobile players sorted in descending order based on OVR. Clicking on a player brings out his profile that contains his player card as seen in game and also all his stats and their values.

A search option allows users to quickly find a player. The forums part contains a forum dedicated to NBA Live Mobile discussions. The forum is divided into subsections dealing with new players, general help, general game discussions, leagues, franchise, trading and off topic threads like chat and graphics. The packs section has leaderboards and simulator. The leaderboard shows what cards website members got from opening packs. The simulator simulates the contents of NBA Live Mobile card packs.

NBA Live Mobile has three subreddits on Reddit. There is a forum, a general subreddit and one that deals with trading. Forum posts have a color coded label that shows the topic such as discussion, announcement, team advice, card pull or leagues. The general NBA Live Mobile subreddit contains all sorts of posts from league recruitment to new players tips. NBA Live Mobile trading subreddit connects buyers with sellers.

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